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Post 119 – Measles Follow-up: cases double

This is a follow up to Post 110 with current information. From Reuters –  Measles cases have hit a 20-year high in the United States, a troubling increase fueled by international travel by people who have not been vaccinated against the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday. Between Jan. 1 and May 23 […]

Post 114 – Memory Wizards II – Kids and Twins!

I have spotlighted a CBS News’ “60 Minutes” episode about people who have incredible memories. Well, the show did a follow up this past Sunday and revealed that since the last showing, they found kids who have this “illness.” Research is being done at University of California, Irvine. They found one child who has it […]

Post 112 – Spotlight on Nurse Practitioners caring for the poor in West Virginia

I rarely have the time to watch television, but one show I take a peek at to see if anything is good is CBS New’s “60 Minutes.” I’ve featured several articles from them before: people who can’t recognize faces, people who can’t forget anything, about creating artificial flavors and about pharmaceutical research until recently ignoring […]

Post 103: 60 Minutes Spotlight: Drugs affect sexes differently Men and women respond differently to drugs, new research finds. This led to new drug dosages for the sleep medication Ambien for men and women. It’s the first, and currently only, drug to have different dosage regimens for men and women, but expect many more in the future. It appears women have been overdosing […]

Post 101 – What Happens in An Autopsy?

Apologies for being late – I’ve been very busy! Plus had computer issues 😦 Hopefully this is worth the wait! Many of you have heard of the sudden tragic death of actor Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas. Paul was an actor known for the “Fast and Furious” film series.  The autopsy report was […]

All about hair: color, turning gray, curly hair, losing hair

Last week, I promised to write about hair. I had a test question I threw out having to do with hair color. So with that and questions about hair earlier in the week, let’s talk about it more…   How did I get my hair color? Short answer is it’s in your genes, but I […]

Dead Bodies Preserved for Viewing in Buena Park – photos of weird medical museums

Right now we’re ramping up for the Fall term start. It’s tough as I’m not done with all my projects! Sigh. Another professor, my wife and I did make time during the last week to view “Bodies: The Exhibition,” which opened this month. We profs have seen similar exhibits (see below), but not this one. […]