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Post 124 – Special Presentation of Kippel-Feil Syndrome and the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

I had a student a couple years ago who kept coming back to my class to talk about her hearing implant and her very rare illness. She came back one last time this summer before she starts her accelerated nursing program at California State University – Fullerton. I’ll call her ST for now – until she […]

Forget Passwords – Use Your Heartbeat to log in!

I heard about the new iPhones that came out a couple weeks ago can use your fingerprint to log in. There was a flurry of emails saying that’s so passé – you can soon log in with your heartbeat! Wearing a small wristband, the Nymi will verify who you are by measuring your heartbeat and […]

Football Season Almost Here: X-Patch and Reebok Checklight monitor head trauma and concussions

With NFL football training camp starting this week, I thought I’d spotlight safety strides you may see in the future in the game. I’ve spotlighted traumatic brain injuries before and the recent strides to understand and prevent concussions in soldiers and athletes. There are two innovative products – one in development, one just released for sale […]

Contact Lenses Read Glucose Levels for Diabetics

  Another summer session is nearly done, and I’m cleaning up my academic files: on my laptop, on my iPad, on Dropbox, the website. I didn’t know I had so many! Here’s one worth mentioning: A student in Fall 2012 emailed me about contact lenses that change color with changes in blood sugar levels. It […]

Ask Prof: E-Cigarettes Safety and Health

Summer Term. Students finally getting interested in my teaching topics. One student asked this past week about e-cigarettes. I don’t know much about them, so it made a great research-and-post topic.   History Modern e-cigs are widely believed to be developed by an inventor in China. A heating component heats up a liquid, vaporizing it, […]

Canadian astronaut returns to Earth tonight made Weightless Physiology videos in Space Station

While looking up a viral video showing a Canadian astronaut singing a version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” I found a few of physiology videos he has done in the months he’s spent at the space station: Did you know when you cry in space, tears don’t fall? They just ball up around your eye […]

Wireless Pacemakers – with link and videos

This isn’t new news, but it’s not on the market yet. Scientists at the major pacemaker companies are working on a wireless pacemaker that they’ll just put in a vein and it’ll just drop into the right side of the heart. Most of you know that one of these pacemaker companies is responsible for me […]