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Post 118: End of Term – Dermographia

Apologies for the delay in posting – last week was the end of term, deadline to submit grades for one college, then I flew out to Florida for a conference with other Anatomy and Physiology professors. Busy week! One of my students did a short presentation after lab practicals were done describing her dermographism. While […]

Post 102: Stingray treatments

I’ve been off the radar the past 2 weeks as I got all my classes started and situated. Even though I’m not quite caught up yet, I know some of you are pining for attention. Today and this upcoming week, we’ll seek the surf: Surfer dude student who part-times as a lifeguard in “Surf City,” […]

Forget Passwords – Use Your Heartbeat to log in!

I heard about the new iPhones that came out a couple weeks ago can use your fingerprint to log in. There was a flurry of emails saying that’s so passé – you can soon log in with your heartbeat! Wearing a small wristband, the Nymi will verify who you are by measuring your heartbeat and […]

Ask Prof: Ears, Wax, Flys, Picks, and Candles!

I was covering skin glands this past week in Anatomy classes, and on the mention of ear wax, a flurry of questions erupted. So, I thought I’d answer some of it here. First some background – what’s earwax, where does it come from and why do we have it? Earwax is also known as cerumen […]

What happens when a fly lands in your ear – with medical video!

So much I want to talk about, not enough time! I want to talk about all of Britain waiting for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s firstborn and how doctors predict due dates and what happens when a baby is overdue. I’ve finally (almost) finished the embryology-pregnancy self-study for students that I wanted to do a […]

Ask Prof: Have you heard of a sweat gland tumor?

I don’t know how we got to this in class, but one student who is a caretaker mentioned about one of her clients having a sweat gland tumor – I hadn’t heard of it before. Looking it up, they did say this is rare. WebMD reviews a June 2010 study that shows while this is […]

Bad Collagen leads to painful sores in kids with epidermolysis bullosa – with photos and links!

This was on CNN a week or so ago, but because I had so much to write on last week, I’ll post this today. Students just finished studying connective tissue and other body tissues (some have practical exams this week on this). CNN spotlighted a patient with a very rare connective tissue disease. Rafi was […]