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Post 125 – Ask Prof: oral contraceptives (the pill)

Student asked me: how does the pill work? (a male student, no less) So I gave him the basics on what is in the pill and the feedback to the brain to eliminate the LH surge that causes the egg to be released at ovulation. So let’s go through the basics and the rest of […]

Monday Headlines: 2 year old gets weight-loss surgery, Football Safety Loses Finger in Glove, Pregnant Weightlifter

There’s always more I want to talk about than I have time. Since I’m a little late with the hair post, I thought I’d post another one. Here are some headlines from the past week – there are a lot of great anatomy news now!   Pregnant Weightlifter – this got a lot of press earlier […]

Dead Bodies Preserved for Viewing in Buena Park – photos of weird medical museums

Right now we’re ramping up for the Fall term start. It’s tough as I’m not done with all my projects! Sigh. Another professor, my wife and I did make time during the last week to view “Bodies: The Exhibition,” which opened this month. We profs have seen similar exhibits (see below), but not this one. […]

Quick Post – Guys Endure Labor Pain Simulator – Video

Just sharing this video a student shared with me while we learned the reproductive system – 2 links, same video: It shows 2 guys being hooked up to electrodes that simulate labor contractions. Do you remember what hormone is involved in labor contractions? How about where this hormone is created? Where is it […]

What does Lakers Steve Nash have in common with a woman about to give birth?

Epidurals! My Anatomy students remember when we’re discussing the spinal cord a couple weeks ago that it ends around the L1 vertebra – so below that, we just have horse’s tails (caudae equinae) floating in the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). So it provides an opportunity to send drugs directly to the verterbral canal or to […]

Kate Middleton Morning Sickness

From the International Business Times: The Duchess of Cambridge’s condition was revealed after she checked into King Edward VII Hospital to be treated for acute morning sickness. The royal family confirmed the pregnancy in a statement on Monday and said Kate was about 12 weeks along. While most pregnant women will experience nausea at some […]

Birth Day Influences Health

An LA Times article highlighted correlations between baby’s development, health, and other things with the birth season.  Here’s a few takes: Winter Births – may be correlated with male obesity, hating monotony and even schizophrenia. Spring Season – people born in Spring tend to be taller and have an elevated risk of Multiple Sclerosis Summer […]