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Post 106 – Spotlight on Snakebites

There’s so much anatomy-wise going on in our world right now. I have a list of 50-some topics I would love to write about, just so little time! Last day of the month, so I looked at my list I added from the past days, and saw I haven’t talked about the TV star of “Snake […]

Post 102: Stingray treatments

I’ve been off the radar the past 2 weeks as I got all my classes started and situated. Even though I’m not quite caught up yet, I know some of you are pining for attention. Today and this upcoming week, we’ll seek the surf: Surfer dude student who part-times as a lifeguard in “Surf City,” […]

Dead Bodies Preserved for Viewing in Buena Park – photos of weird medical museums

Right now we’re ramping up for the Fall term start. It’s tough as I’m not done with all my projects! Sigh. Another professor, my wife and I did make time during the last week to view “Bodies: The Exhibition,” which opened this month. We profs have seen similar exhibits (see below), but not this one. […]

Ask Prof: What causes eye color? – with lots o’ links!

So some of my Anatomy students just had a practical on the eyes. One inquiring mind asked, if the iris is made up of muscle, are the muscles green in people with green eyes? As a review, for those who’ve forgotten: The colored part of the eye is the iris and has muscle that controls […]

Neck Massage to Cure Voice

Last post before a summer hiatus – I’ll post infrequently during the summer break, but you’re always welcome to comment or email me. ABC7 LA covers a Vanderbilt University study that showed a massage technique called myofascial release helped 2/3 of patients with muscle tension dysphonia improve. Muscle tension dysphonia is when muscles around the […]

Hidden Power of Smiling

My journey today takes me to – a series of talks about “ideas worth spreading.” A recent upload talks about the power of smiling. Did you know your smile can be a predictor of how long you’ll live — and that a simple smile has a measurable effect on your overall well-being? Prepare to […]