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Post 126 – Ebola Outbreak – a BSL 4 agent! Evacuation of Americans back to United States

I thought about writing this post last week, but it has captured nationwide headlines this week, often leading national and radio news. A prior post focused on Biosafety Level 4 laboratories that do research on untreatable, deadly agents such as Ebola.  As I speak, a long-range Gulfstream jet with a specialized isolation unit is evacuating […]

Post 120 – Whooping Cough an Epidemic in California

Saw an article in the Orange County Register saying the State of California has declared whooping cough, known as pertussis, an epidemic from Wikipediain the state. The article states, “As of last week, 3,458 cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, have been reported to the state Department of Public Health in 2014, more than the total for […]

Post 119 – Measles Follow-up: cases double

This is a follow up to Post 110 with current information. From Reuters –  Measles cases have hit a 20-year high in the United States, a troubling increase fueled by international travel by people who have not been vaccinated against the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday. Between Jan. 1 and May 23 […]

Post 117 – MERS Reaches the United States

About a year ago, I wrote about a new virus that was spreading across the Middle East.  In the past two weeks, news came of incidences of MERS-CoV in the States, now shortened to “MERS.”  Both were health care workers based in the United States and traveled to the Mid-East to provide services. First person […]

Post 110 – Measles Outbreak in the OC

I got one of those health alert emails from one of the schools I teach at informing me of a measles outbreak!   What is Measles? Measles is a highly contagious and potentially severe disease that causes fever, rash, cough, and red, watery eyes. Measles spreads very easily by air and by direct contact with […]

Post No. 100! Happy 2014! Flu Season Update

Wow, we started this blog in May 2011, changed our name based on a student suggestion, and since August 2012, we’ve had a post nearly every week – many weeks we had multiple posts. Today, with this post, my WordPress dashboard says this is our 100th Post for this blog. Thank you for your views […]

Spotlight on Tonsil surgery (Children’s Hospital Oakand, Jahi McMath)

Happy Holidays! If you have listened to the news, you’ve no doubt heard about the sad story of a young gal in Oakland who died after tonsil surgery. The parents want to keep her alive on breathing and feeding tubes, even though doctors say there is no brain activity and she is clinically dead. I […]