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Post 113 – Pufferfish Sushi

I’ve been in the mood for sushi recently. One buddy tells me of sushi from the poisonous pufferfish that can only be made by specially trained, tested, and licensed sushi chefs. Pufferfish, also known as blowfish, is called Fugu in Japan and they make all sorts of delicacies from this fish, avoiding areas like the […]

Spotlight on Tonsil surgery (Children’s Hospital Oakand, Jahi McMath)

Happy Holidays! If you have listened to the news, you’ve no doubt heard about the sad story of a young gal in Oakland who died after tonsil surgery. The parents want to keep her alive on breathing and feeding tubes, even though doctors say there is no brain activity and she is clinically dead. I […]

Dead Bodies Preserved for Viewing in Buena Park – photos of weird medical museums

Right now we’re ramping up for the Fall term start. It’s tough as I’m not done with all my projects! Sigh. Another professor, my wife and I did make time during the last week to view “Bodies: The Exhibition,” which opened this month. We profs have seen similar exhibits (see below), but not this one. […]

Today’s News: New Gluten Standards help those with Celiac Disease

This came over the news wire today and reminded me today is FRIDAY! Time to post. So I might as well post about this: Today, your Food and Drug Administration released new regulations to define gluten standards in food labeling. Until now, different manufacturers would set their own standards for what is considered “gluten-free.” They […]