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Contact Lenses Read Glucose Levels for Diabetics

  Another summer session is nearly done, and I’m cleaning up my academic files: on my laptop, on my iPad, on Dropbox, the website. I didn’t know I had so many! Here’s one worth mentioning: A student in Fall 2012 emailed me about contact lenses that change color with changes in blood sugar levels. It […]

Gigantism Death Makes News This Week

We study gigantism in the endocrinology chapter. It’s a problem with growth hormone where the person doesn’t stop growing. You have gigantism if the epiphyseal plate has not been fused yet. If they were fused, the bone would grow outward and not up and you’ll have acromegaly. Tanya Angus is a Las Vegas resident who […]

Kate Middleton Morning Sickness

From the International Business Times: The Duchess of Cambridge’s condition was revealed after she checked into King Edward VII Hospital to be treated for acute morning sickness. The royal family confirmed the pregnancy in a statement on Monday and said Kate was about 12 weeks along. While most pregnant women will experience nausea at some […]

See-sawing of losing weight

Why is it so hard to lose weight? Or even worse, when you reach your goal weight, the pounds pile on much faster afterwards! Research released last week in the New England Journal of Medicine shows changes in levels in the blood of many hormones involved in hunger and weight regulation. These changes cause the dieter […]