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Post 116 – The “90+ Study” of Laguna Woods Featured on CBS News’ 60 Minutes

I like that 60 Minutes features Health and Science “articles” – seems like almost every week. Couple of weeks ago, I featured people who couldn’t forget a day in their lives. This week it’s research right here in Orange County at University of California, Irvine, that sheds new light on factors that may allow us […]

Post 115 – Ask Prof: Surviving a flight in a wheel well

Last month, the world was mesmerized when a 15-year-old Somali boy survived a flight in a Hawaiian Airlines wheel well for a flight from San Jose, California to Maui, Hawaii. Right after the news broke, a student asks me during class… how?!  So in another one of my class tangents, we had a discussion to explore the […]

Post 105 – Ask Prof: How real is it on the movies when they twist someone’s neck to kill them?

How gruesome. Someone in one of my classes wanted to know if you could kill someone by twisting their neck like in the movies. Here is what happens from the anatomy-physiology side. They’re imagining that the neck breaks at C1 or C2, and sends pieces into the upper spine to cut off breathing or heartrate […]

Post 103: 60 Minutes Spotlight: Drugs affect sexes differently Men and women respond differently to drugs, new research finds. This led to new drug dosages for the sleep medication Ambien for men and women. It’s the first, and currently only, drug to have different dosage regimens for men and women, but expect many more in the future. It appears women have been overdosing […]

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Air Travel

So I just came back from a trip and on the plane’s in-flight magazine, they had this huge article on deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and what it is and prevention. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep a copy of the issue, so here, I’ll provide general information and links. What is DVT? Air New Zealand has a […]

Ask Prof: Blood Products

Second of 2 posts from student questions this coming week. Got a question to “Ask Prof”? Send an email, so I’ll remember! And I’ll put it in the queue 🙂 So we finished neuro and started cardiovascular. Students asked all sort of blood questions, applicable to the clinical realm: Quick facts: 1 unit of whole […]

Vampires: A Medical Explanation

  It’s that time of the term. Feels like the dog days of summer: crunching and pushing through. As typical, students are resisting, but once they stop resisting, they’ll breakthrough! And that’s what we’re all looking forward to. I promised a look on Vampires for Halloween. I know most of you are aware of Dracula […]