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Post 125 – Ask Prof: oral contraceptives (the pill)

Student asked me: how does the pill work? (a male student, no less) So I gave him the basics on what is in the pill and the feedback to the brain to eliminate the LH surge that causes the egg to be released at ovulation. So let’s go through the basics and the rest of […]

Post 115 – Ask Prof: Surviving a flight in a wheel well

Last month, the world was mesmerized when a 15-year-old Somali boy survived a flight in a Hawaiian Airlines wheel well for a flight from San Jose, California to Maui, Hawaii. Right after the news broke, a student asks me during class… how?!  So in another one of my class tangents, we had a discussion to explore the […]

Post 105 – Ask Prof: How real is it on the movies when they twist someone’s neck to kill them?

How gruesome. Someone in one of my classes wanted to know if you could kill someone by twisting their neck like in the movies. Here is what happens from the anatomy-physiology side. They’re imagining that the neck breaks at C1 or C2, and sends pieces into the upper spine to cut off breathing or heartrate […]

Post 104: Spotlight on Jellyfish Stings

A continuation from Post 102’s discussion with part-time HB lifeguard. During my discussion with student/part-time lifeguard about using very hot water for stingray attacks (Post 102), we briefly talked about jellyfish stings. I remember hearing in January a rash of jellyfish attacks on our beaches – maybe because so many people were out there during […]

Post 102: Stingray treatments

I’ve been off the radar the past 2 weeks as I got all my classes started and situated. Even though I’m not quite caught up yet, I know some of you are pining for attention. Today and this upcoming week, we’ll seek the surf: Surfer dude student who part-times as a lifeguard in “Surf City,” […]

Post 101 – What Happens in An Autopsy?

Apologies for being late – I’ve been very busy! Plus had computer issues 😦 Hopefully this is worth the wait! Many of you have heard of the sudden tragic death of actor Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas. Paul was an actor known for the “Fast and Furious” film series.  The autopsy report was […]

Ask Prof: Blood Products

Second of 2 posts from student questions this coming week. Got a question to “Ask Prof”? Send an email, so I’ll remember! And I’ll put it in the queue 🙂 So we finished neuro and started cardiovascular. Students asked all sort of blood questions, applicable to the clinical realm: Quick facts: 1 unit of whole […]