Post 127 – SPECIAL – BREAKING – Indiana Pacers’ Paul George suffers tib-fib fracture during scrimmage for USA Basketball

(apologies if you see a gruesome still photo from YouTube video above – I have no control on adjusting that)

This was such a flashback of April 2013 with former students emailing me, “Prof! Did you see that?” April 2013 was when Kevin Ware had a similar tib-fib fracture. Although I’ve had several times students made me aware of “Anatomy in the News,” it seems like gruesome injuries on live TV give me most of this type of email.

After a day relaxing at our hangouts in San Diego coastline and getting all these emails, I did see videos of another gruesome tib-fib fracture. Evidently it happened on live TV during scrimmage for USA Basketball at University of Nevada – Las Vegas.

George's X-Ray, courtesy @TheNBACentral

George’s X-Ray, courtesy @TheNBACentral

I have a similar post over a year ago when Kevin Ware suffered the same injury, on live TV, during March Madness 2013.

You can view the prior post for more details on this kind of injury – I try not to bore you by repeating myself. Looks one major difference is that George’s leg hits the bottom of the goal base and the twisting motion caused the fracture.

The internet has already posted his X-Ray, and there are some videos below for those with strong stomachs.

Even though this has captured lots of attention, remember there’s a family who watched the game and saw the injury to their son. George has completed surgery, which would include pins and braces to hold the two bones in proper locations. The Bleacher Report link below has a video describing possible surgery technique. His upcoming season is in doubt.

We do wish him a speedy recovery.

Kevin Ware Followup

Since this was on my mind, I went to Wikipedia to see what Louisville’s Ware has been up to. He did return to the court during the 2013-14 basketball season, then decided to red-shirt, then “On April 12, 2014, Ware officially transferred to Georgia State University.”

USA Today reports that he “watched in horror as Paul George suffered similar injury.” View its article for more.




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