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Post 127 – SPECIAL – BREAKING – Indiana Pacers’ Paul George suffers tib-fib fracture during scrimmage for USA Basketball

(apologies if you see a gruesome still photo from YouTube video above – I have no control on adjusting that) This was such a flashback of April 2013 with former students emailing me, “Prof! Did you see that?” April 2013 was when Kevin Ware had a similar tib-fib fracture. Although I’ve had several times students […]

Post 126 – Ebola Outbreak – a BSL 4 agent! Evacuation of Americans back to United States

I thought about writing this post last week, but it has captured nationwide headlines this week, often leading national and radio news. A prior post focused on Biosafety Level 4 laboratories that do research on untreatable, deadly agents such as Ebola.  As I speak, a long-range Gulfstream jet with a specialized isolation unit is evacuating […]