Monthly Archives: July 2014

Post 125 – Ask Prof: oral contraceptives (the pill)

Student asked me: how does the pill work? (a male student, no less) So I gave him the basics on what is in the pill and the feedback to the brain to eliminate the LH surge that causes the egg to be released at ovulation. So let’s go through the basics and the rest of […]

Post 124 – Special Presentation of Kippel-Feil Syndrome and the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

I had a student a couple years ago who kept coming back to my class to talk about her hearing implant and her very rare illness. She came back one last time this summer before she starts her accelerated nursing program at California State University – Fullerton. I’ll call her ST for now – until she […]

Post 123 – Smallpox, Anthrax and Influenza in the news (BioLevel labs at the CDC)

My BSL4 Post is probably the most popular one I have, and CDC’s BioLevel 2-3-4 laboratories have been making enough news this week to last a couple of more blog posts. Tuesday, July 8 – Reports surface of 6 vials of smallpox virus from 1954 that were found in a cold storage room used by the FDA on […]

Post 122 – Fractured Vertebra knocks Brazilian star Neymar out of FIFA World Cup (with X-Ray Photo)

Like most Americans, I kept an eye on the World Cup while the USA team was in the initial rounds, then getting knocked out by Belgium last week. (oh, by the way, this is soccer – football for the non-Americans, in case you don’t know)…I even had a live video from the internet playing on […]