Post 112 – Spotlight on Nurse Practitioners caring for the poor in West Virginia

I rarely have the time to watch television, but one show I take a peek at to see if anything is good is CBS New’s “60 Minutes.” I’ve featured several articles from them before: people who can’t recognize faces, people who can’t forget anything, about creating artificial flavors and about pharmaceutical research until recently ignoring women in determining dosages.

This week the show featured a non-profit, Health Wagon, that uses a mobile home to check up on the uninsured. Shouldn’t Obamacare resolve this? Apparently no, but I’m not here to preach politics – I won’t ever win.

This is a good spotlight on what Nurse Practitioners can do, and there’s even a little bit about their medical director taking a long time to finish tractor-trailer driving school and having a hard time getting insured: no one believed a medical doctor would be driving a semi truck. But this truck carries the Health Wagon’s own X-ray machine.

Video and Story =



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