Post 109 – USA Sled Hockey Players Journey to the Gold Medal

I watched the Paralympics last weekend – the US beat the Russians in Sled Hockey! They talked about an inspiring video that features how these players got to the team. They all suffered some injury where they lose the ability to use their legs. I encourage you to look at the video, which goes over several types of injuries and medical conditions the players have. I think I’ve watched it three times now.

Couple of the players became amputees from events in Afghanistan and Iraq. They found out about sled hockey during their recovery when they returned back to the States. Backup Goalie Jen Lee is currently in the Army. He became an amputee after an off-duty motorcycle accident. He is still an active duty Staff Sargeant in the Army, and says, “My job in the Army is to train full-time for the Paralympic team. I’m training and competing for my country.” Defenseman Taylor Chance played “stand-up hockey” (which is what they call the game the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings play) until a hit to the boards when he was 16 paralyzed him. One player has spina bifida and another was born without the tibia bones. One of two high schoolers on the team was born without legs.

Okay, enough said. Time to watch!




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