Post 103: 60 Minutes Spotlight: Drugs affect sexes differently

Men and women respond differently to drugs, new research finds. This led to new drug dosages for the sleep medication Ambien for men and women. It’s the first, and currently only, drug to have different dosage regimens for men and women, but expect many more in the future. It appears women have been overdosing on the drug by taking what was the normal prescribed dose, causing them to sleepwalk and fall asleep in the morning.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of these in the future, now that we realize that women aren’t “just men with pesky hormones” (see video). We already know that women present with heart attacks differently. We used to say to watch out for pain radiating down the left arm, but we now realize that that only happens in men! I think I’ll spotlight heart attack signs and symptoms in an upcoming blog…

For you future doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, that means more items to learn, memorize and understand in the future. Don’t give women the same dose as men!


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  1. […] I rarely have the time to watch television, but one show I take a peek at to see if anything is good is CBS New’s “60 Minutes.” I’ve featured several articles from them before: people who can’t recognize faces, people who can’t forget anything, about creating artificial flavors and about pharmaceutical research until recently ignoring women in determining dosages. […]

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