Monthly Archives: February 2014

Post 106 – Spotlight on Snakebites

There’s so much anatomy-wise going on in our world right now. I have a list of 50-some topics I would love to write about, just so little time! Last day of the month, so I looked at my list I added from the past days, and saw I haven’t talked about the TV star of “Snake […]

Post 105 – Ask Prof: How real is it on the movies when they twist someone’s neck to kill them?

How gruesome. Someone in one of my classes wanted to know if you could kill someone by twisting their neck like in the movies. Here is what happens from the anatomy-physiology side. They’re imagining that the neck breaks at C1 or C2, and sends pieces into the upper spine to cut off breathing or heartrate […]

Post 104: Spotlight on Jellyfish Stings

A continuation from Post 102’s discussion with part-time HB lifeguard. During my discussion with student/part-time lifeguard about using very hot water for stingray attacks (Post 102), we briefly talked about jellyfish stings. I remember hearing in January a rash of jellyfish attacks on our beaches – maybe because so many people were out there during […]

Post 103: 60 Minutes Spotlight: Drugs affect sexes differently Men and women respond differently to drugs, new research finds. This led to new drug dosages for the sleep medication Ambien for men and women. It’s the first, and currently only, drug to have different dosage regimens for men and women, but expect many more in the future. It appears women have been overdosing […]

Post 102: Stingray treatments

I’ve been off the radar the past 2 weeks as I got all my classes started and situated. Even though I’m not quite caught up yet, I know some of you are pining for attention. Today and this upcoming week, we’ll seek the surf: Surfer dude student who part-times as a lifeguard in “Surf City,” […]