Ask Prof: Migraine Causes

Couple quick blogs this busy weekend, from student questions this week.

Looks like many of my students get migraines. I bet school and stress and anxiety have a lot to do with it. I had several questions, including what causes migraines (I forgot the other questions, sorry).

Simple answer: don’t know exactly what causes migraines. Here’s what wikipedia has to say:

The exact mechanism of the head pain which occurs during a migraine is unknown. Some evidence supports a primary role for central nervous system structures (such as the brainstem and diencephalon)[54] while other data support the role peripheral activation (such as via the sensory nerves that surround blood vessels of the head and neck).[53] The potential candidates vessels include: dural arteriespial arteries and extracranial arteries such as those of the scalp.[53] The role of vasodilatation of the extracranial arteries, in particular, is believed to be significant.[55]




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