Flu Season Links

It’s been fall for nearly a month now, but the weather has only recently gotten cooler here in Southern California. So it’s time to get prepared for the winter flu season. Here are some links on what the flu is and what the flu vaccine is:

(sorry I don’t have time to summarize this week)

Do I Recommend a Flu Shot?

While this is a personal decision for you to decide on your own, I have been getting a flu shot since 1992, except for 1 year – which I got hammered! I figure with the number of people I come across on a daily basis, including students, clients, colleagues and associates, I’m one of those point people in the center of a hub that’s going to get exposed to the bug earlier than later. As stated earlier in this post, in my case, if I don’t get a flu shot, I’m going to get a serious case of the flu.

Have I ever gotten a bad reaction to the shot? I’m not allergic to eggs, which is one of the questions they ask you before you can get a shot. I remember I normally get a sore muscle where they give the shot (deltoid), but that’s about it.



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