Monthly Archives: October 2013

Vampires: A Medical Explanation

  It’s that time of the term. Feels like the dog days of summer: crunching and pushing through. As typical, students are resisting, but once they stop resisting, they’ll breakthrough! And that’s what we’re all looking forward to. I promised a look on Vampires for Halloween. I know most of you are aware of Dracula […]

Flu Season Links

It’s been fall for nearly a month now, but the weather has only recently gotten cooler here in Southern California. So it’s time to get prepared for the winter flu season. Here are some links on what the flu is and what the flu vaccine is: (sorry I don’t have time to […]

BREAKING: 3 Americans Win Nobel Prize for Cell Communication & Transport

Three biology researchers, two from California, won the Nobel Prize today for Physiology and Medicine. I’m particularly excited because some of this stuff is what I had researched in undergrad and grad school. Those of you in my Anatomy classes remember back when we studied the cell in Chapter 2 (of most books), I pointed […]