Monday Headlines: 2 year old gets weight-loss surgery, Football Safety Loses Finger in Glove, Pregnant Weightlifter

There’s always more I want to talk about than I have time. Since I’m a little late with the hair post, I thought I’d post another one. Here are some headlines from the past week – there are a lot of great anatomy news now!


Pregnant Weightlifter – this got a lot of press earlier in the week. From interviews I’ve heard from a Beverly Hills obstetrician, (paraphrasing) if she’s used to doing this type of weightlifting (she’s a crossfit trainer and former bodybuilder), this should be no problem, but we normal people shouldn’t be doing this:


2-year-old has weight loss surgery – from one extreme to another – the youngest person to undergo bariatric surgery is in Saudi Arabia, weighs 78 pounds at 2 years old:


Arizona Cardinals Safety Johnson loses finger in his glove – He’s puzzled on how this happened. And if he doesn’t know, how am I supposed to know?

Babies hear sound in 3rd Trimester –


Okay, enough things to ponder…go work on those bones!


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