Monthly Archives: September 2013

Forget Passwords – Use Your Heartbeat to log in!

I heard about the new iPhones that came out a couple weeks ago can use your fingerprint to log in. There was a flurry of emails saying that’s so passé – you can soon log in with your heartbeat! Wearing a small wristband, the Nymi will verify who you are by measuring your heartbeat and […]

Bulletin: Rash of MLB injuries – with video, some hard to watch

I’ve been paying attention to sports injuries and relating them to anatomy and this blog especially after Kevin Ware (Louisville) had his Tib-Fib fracture during March Madness this year. I wrote about Rashad Johnson’s amputation in yesterday’s blog. Today I’ve heard a rash of baseball injuries. The first one I showed in class as an […]

Monday Headlines: 2 year old gets weight-loss surgery, Football Safety Loses Finger in Glove, Pregnant Weightlifter

There’s always more I want to talk about than I have time. Since I’m a little late with the hair post, I thought I’d post another one. Here are some headlines from the past week – there are a lot of great anatomy news now!   Pregnant Weightlifter – this got a lot of press earlier […]

All about hair: color, turning gray, curly hair, losing hair

Last week, I promised to write about hair. I had a test question I threw out having to do with hair color. So with that and questions about hair earlier in the week, let’s talk about it more…   How did I get my hair color? Short answer is it’s in your genes, but I […]

Today’s News: Brain-Eating Amoeba Found in Drinking Water

Officials in Saint Bernard County, near New Orleans, Louisiana, have issued an alert that Naegleria fowleri have been found in their drinking water. This is the amoeba that killed several kids swimming in warm lakes in the Southeast United States. The amoeba goes into the brain and destroys it by going up the nose, so the […]

Ask Prof: Ears, Wax, Flys, Picks, and Candles!

I was covering skin glands this past week in Anatomy classes, and on the mention of ear wax, a flurry of questions erupted. So, I thought I’d answer some of it here. First some background – what’s earwax, where does it come from and why do we have it? Earwax is also known as cerumen […]

Lung Cancer

I asked my students in Summer 2013 to write a short report on an illness or disease. Received a lot of great submissions. One of them, who would like to stay anonymous, is reproduced below with permission: Lung cancer is an illness in which the tissues of the lungs cannot control cell growth. When this […]