Kobe’s Recovery from Achilles and Cena’s Triceps Tear – with photos and video links

So it wasn’t long ago we featured Kobe Bryant and his Achilles tear. He said he’ll be back for next season, while experts were looking at November for his return. Recent news is he’s not back yet, but working very hard on rehab:


Yes, I take a peek at TMZ now and then for these blogs because you do too.

During one of these sneak peaks (no one’s looking, right?), I saw a WWE wrestler with a triceps tear – only anatomy and medical folks think, “Wow, how cool is that?” Here’s the link to that article, which includes a photo of his massive bandage and showing off the injury – which looks like a golf ball implanted on his elbow.


Wanted to find a video, as I thought WWE is for TV, right? While I couldn’t find that video, Bleacher Report goes through a bit more detail on his surgical repair:


Enjoy these for now!

Fall term is starting up – welcome my new students! Hang on, don’t let go, kick ass!


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