Bush #43 (the younger one) gets cardiac stent – videos of stents and heart surgeries! Lots of links!

Former President George W. Bush (the 2nd President Bush, the 43rd President, the son of the 1st President Bush) got a stent placed in him this week in a surgery that seemed to come out of nowhere. They say he is healthy, and showed no signs of problems.

People in my classes know I like cardiology. I have a special lecture just on heart surgeries, pacemakers, defibrillators and the differences between heart attack and cardiac arrest. So during this news blurb, I saw a video of an actual stent – one of the few props I don’t have for this special lecture – and how a balloon opens it up.

So, the video goes over the procedure, which starts off like an angioplasty (a balloon pushes the cholesterol out to the wall). Placing a stent is supposed to help against heart attacks from progressive heart disease.

Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and women. As we grow older, our arteries get clogged with cholesterol plaques (especially with our greasy American diet).

We have a video of the cardiology special lecture. We’ll put a link in the comments when we get it up on the website.

References for Stents:

References for Heart Disease:

Added Cardiology Special Lecture Videos –

We have a video of the cardiology special lecture. Here it is in parts, unrehearsed:

William was a student of mine while he was a surgical tech, doing a lot of cardiac surgeries. That term, he took the podium and adds current information on cardiac surgeries in these videos:

Here are the videos he uses in his presentation:



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