Monthly Archives: August 2013

Snails in Knees & Body Painting for Anatomy class – Pics & Videos!

Couple of quick vids – First, I talked about a fly being imbedded in the ear before. Here, CBS2 got wide coverage last week about a 4 year old in Aliso Viejo who had a sea snail growing in his knee – Secondly, in this short post, here’s an idea we should do with arts […]

Kobe’s Recovery from Achilles and Cena’s Triceps Tear – with photos and video links

So it wasn’t long ago we featured Kobe Bryant and his Achilles tear. He said he’ll be back for next season, while experts were looking at November for his return. Recent news is he’s not back yet, but working very hard on rehab: Yes, I take a peek at TMZ now and then for […]

Dead Bodies Preserved for Viewing in Buena Park – photos of weird medical museums

Right now we’re ramping up for the Fall term start. It’s tough as I’m not done with all my projects! Sigh. Another professor, my wife and I did make time during the last week to view “Bodies: The Exhibition,” which opened this month. We profs have seen similar exhibits (see below), but not this one. […]

Bush #43 (the younger one) gets cardiac stent – videos of stents and heart surgeries! Lots of links!

Former President George W. Bush (the 2nd President Bush, the 43rd President, the son of the 1st President Bush) got a stent placed in him this week in a surgery that seemed to come out of nowhere. They say he is healthy, and showed no signs of problems. People in my classes know I like […]

Today’s News: New Gluten Standards help those with Celiac Disease

This came over the news wire today and reminded me today is FRIDAY! Time to post. So I might as well post about this: Today, your Food and Drug Administration released new regulations to define gluten standards in food labeling. Until now, different manufacturers would set their own standards for what is considered “gluten-free.” They […]