Football Season Almost Here: X-Patch and Reebok Checklight monitor head trauma and concussions

With NFL football training camp starting this week, I thought I’d spotlight safety strides you may see in the future in the game. I’ve spotlighted traumatic brain injuries before and the recent strides to understand and prevent concussions in soldiers and athletes.

There are two innovative products – one in development, one just released for sale – that monitor impacts to the head, made for football, soccer, and other athletes, especially in the pre-professional levels. All in hopes of limiting repeated “small concussions,” that may accumulated to severe illness that may lead to altered metal state and suicide, like what happened to the San Diego Charger’s Junior Seau.

The X-Patch is a sticker that sends impact information to a nearby computer, maybe on the sidelines, for analysis. Its website also has brain injury information.

Reebok unveiled the Checklight skullcap earlier this month that senses an impact to the head and gives a yellow or red light on a strap that hangs behind the neck that bystanders and teammates can see. It’s on sale for about $150 per cap. The Reebok website has information on concussions and even the user manual for the skullcap.

Matt Hasselbeck, Indiana Colts’ quarterback, has an interview on supporting the Reebok device. He thinks you’ll see them more in pre-professional leagues before the NFL. In the NFL, he says there are already a lot of people watching the players and there are licensing issues like they had for shoes and uniforms.

It won’t be surprising to see these in upcoming college, school, pee-wee and ayso leagues.



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