What happens when a fly lands in your ear – with medical video!

So much I want to talk about, not enough time! I want to talk about all of Britain waiting for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s firstborn and how doctors predict due dates and what happens when a baby is overdue. I’ve finally (almost) finished the embryology-pregnancy self-study for students that I wanted to do a year ago. And I want to talk about ‘Glee’ actor Cory Monteith and what happens in the body when drugs (like heroin) is added with alcohol in the body. Maybe during the next week …

Here’s one that’s gross (I know you guys like this stuff), but applicable to my current students finishing up their special senses exams this past week.


Did you hear about a British woman who came back from a holiday in Peru earlier this year and what she brought back IN HER EAR?

She went to hospital soon after returning from her trip. She was having severe headache and ear pain on one side. And she kept hearing these scratching noises.

Well, we know what it is now…Doctors found eight fly maggots burrowing in her ear canal (external acoustic meatus). She remembers while in Peru, she walked through a swarm of flies, one of which went into her ear. Once she shooed it out, she didn’t think much more of it. Evidently that fly laid eggs in her ear.

Her story is now subject of a Discovery Channel episode of “Bugs, Bites and Parasites.”

New World Screwworm-fly maggots (larvae stage) feed on living tissue and can cause deep, pocket-like lesions in the skin. The fly thrives in hot, tropical countries (like Peru).




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