Contact Lenses Read Glucose Levels for Diabetics



Another summer session is nearly done, and I’m cleaning up my academic files: on my laptop, on my iPad, on Dropbox, the website. I didn’t know I had so many! Here’s one worth mentioning:

A student in Fall 2012 emailed me about contact lenses that change color with changes in blood sugar levels. It senses the glucose with the help of nanoparticles. No more sticking yourself for blood glucose testing!

Want to keep an eye on the future? Look up nanotechnology. These have to do with ultra-small particles that can be fashioned to do so many different things. I’ve been hearing so much about these being the next big leap in engineering. It will play a role not only in medicine and health, but in every part of our lives, including safety, security, and transportation.

More info here:



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