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Football Season Almost Here: X-Patch and Reebok Checklight monitor head trauma and concussions

With NFL football training camp starting this week, I thought I’d spotlight safety strides you may see in the future in the game. I’ve spotlighted traumatic brain injuries before and the recent strides to understand and prevent concussions in soldiers and athletes. There are two innovative products – one in development, one just released for sale […]

What happens when a fly lands in your ear – with medical video!

So much I want to talk about, not enough time! I want to talk about all of Britain waiting for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s firstborn and how doctors predict due dates and what happens when a baby is overdue. I’ve finally (almost) finished the embryology-pregnancy self-study for students that I wanted to do a […]

Contact Lenses Read Glucose Levels for Diabetics

  Another summer session is nearly done, and I’m cleaning up my academic files: on my laptop, on my iPad, on Dropbox, the website. I didn’t know I had so many! Here’s one worth mentioning: A student in Fall 2012 emailed me about contact lenses that change color with changes in blood sugar levels. It […]

Protected: Students Develop Anti-Malarial Soap: Spotlight on Malaria

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Students Develop Anti-Malarial Soap: Spotlight on Malaria

Took a week off last week for the July 4th Independence Day Holiday in the U.S., though I wasn’t expecting to. So today, we’ll get back to it! I was fascinated last weekend reading an article of students winning an international award for making soap that they say repels the mosquitoes that cause malaria in […]