Finding Actual Brain Damage in People with Concussion Injuries

CBS News’ 60 Minutes program had a feature showing soldiers who survived IED blasts coming back misdiagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) when they actually had something similar to retired NFL players – traumatic brain injuries. It took an advanced machine (I think it’s an MRI, but they don’t say) that takes over 40,000 images of the brain, while the normal machine takes a few hundred.


After analysis, we have some incredible views of the brain. Photos like these show tracts, pathways that carry informa

tion from place to place in the brain. I showed these to students who said, “Yeah, we learned that!” It’s always good to find applications to what we’re learning, even if it’s a few weeks late.

You can see in one of these pictures, the fasciculi (tracts) have decreased a lot, and they’re thinking that that is related to

one soldier’s problems.


You’re going to see a lot more research and breakthroughs on these brain injuries now that it’s got the attention of the military and the NFL. One person they feature is a doctor from UCLA who studies these brain injuries.


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  1. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disorder found in many former football players, was found to be a contributing cause in the death of former NFL quarterback Cullen Finnerty back in May, according to an autopsy report released yesterday in Michigan. –

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