Ask Prof: Have you heard of a sweat gland tumor?

I don’t know how we got to this in class, but one student who is a caretaker mentioned about one of her clients having a sweat gland tumor – I hadn’t heard of it before.

Looking it up, they did say this is rare.

WebMD reviews a June 2010 study that shows while this is rare, it is increasing in number. They find:

  • Non-Hispanic whites had higher rates of  skin appendage cancers than Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asian-Pacific Islanders. Non-Hispanic whites had an incidence rate per million of 5.7, compared to 3.7 for Hispanics, 3.5 for African-Americans, and 2.5 for Asian-Pacific Islanders.
  • The most common type was cancer of the sweat glands, or more technically, apocrine-eccrine carcinoma.
  • Incidence rates increased with age. There was a 100-fold difference between patients 20 to 29 and patients 80 and older.
  • Five-year survival rates were 99% for localized disease, but only 43% for cancers that had spread to other parts of the body.

An Indian medical journal states that it could metastasize to the lungs –;year=2006;volume=2;issue=4;spage=209;epage=211;aulast=Bahl

American Cancer Society has bulletin board, where someone who has been diagnosed was seeking info and answers – it might be a place to find more information –

Finally, Archives of Pathology reviews 60 cases in a 2001 article –

Hope it helps!


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