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Quick Post – Guys Endure Labor Pain Simulator – Video

Just sharing this video a student shared with me while we learned the reproductive system – 2 links, same video: It shows 2 guys being hooked up to electrodes that simulate labor contractions. Do you remember what hormone is involved in labor contractions? How about where this hormone is created? Where is it […]

Valley Fever Outbreak Brings CDC Investigators to California

This month, CDC began investigating the deaths of more than three dozen California inmates who had contracted valley fever, a fungal disease. The deaths occurred at two state prisons — Avenal and Pleasant Valley — in San Joaquin Valley. The investigation comes after federal receiver J. Clark Kelso — who is charged with monitoring the […]

New Virus MERS-CoV may lead to future outbreak – with video in links

This is one post that I had put on the back-burner, but the news has become more prominent. I first heard of this in February. There’s a new deadly virus that is similar to the virus that caused a worldwide outbreak in 2002-2003. The newly-named “Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus,” or MERS-CoV, is a coronavirus […]

UCLA Broadcasts Brain Surgery Live – CSI Actor Plays Guitar During Surgery – with video links

A CSI actor was diagnosed with an illness similar to Parkinsons that required him to have surgery to implant a pacemaker to reduce his symptoms. He had surgery yesterday morning, and the operation was transmitted live on the internet. They used Twitter, Vine and Instagram. Remember that the brain doesn’t have sensory nerves. So during […]

Ask Prof: Cancer Staging

I love this time of the term – the term’s almost done. The toughtest, most challenging parts of Anatomy have been taught and tested, and now it’s “easier” stuff. Students have learned how to study and about themselves. It’s also a great time to assimilate different systems that we’ve gone through. And that has made students […]

Canadian astronaut returns to Earth tonight made Weightless Physiology videos in Space Station

While looking up a viral video showing a Canadian astronaut singing a version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” I found a few of physiology videos he has done in the months he’s spent at the space station: Did you know when you cry in space, tears don’t fall? They just ball up around your eye […]

60 Minutes Repository

Here are a few other segments we have studied in class – Concussion effects on the brain, including reducing brain tracts – Reconstructing facial bones in Robots controlled by the mind – Face Blindness – not being able to recognize faces – Endless Memory – Tweaking Tastes and Creating Cravings – […]