Kevin Ware (Louisville) sustains open, compound tib-fib fracture on live TV – VIDEO LINK

I’ve been waiting a whole week to post this. After our Twitter accounts get realigned next week or so, I’ll be able to do a quick tweet on “significant anatomy events,” like this.

Everywhere I went on Monday, students and colleagues asked, “Did you see the Ware fracture?”  While it might be gruesome to watch for lay-people, anatomy followers and specialists were mesmerized.  It was THE big talk in medical and anatomy circles early in the week.

So what happened? They said he landed awkwardly while trying to defend a shot from Duke during the end of the first half of the NCAA quarterfinal game in Indianapolis. When he landed, his right tibia broke. And since you know the fibula is non-weight-bearing, when the tibia broke and he continued to land on his foot, the fibula broke as well.  Photos and videos galore showed his tibia bone sticking out the front of his right shin. Players and coaches and the audience began to cry, crouch over, and puke.

CBS Sports, which was broadcasting the game live, showed the replay twice before they stopped, and the audience in the stadium didn’t see the replay. Nevertheless, it lives for eternity on the internet like here –

Ware went successful surgery to put metal rod in the tibia and I’m sure some plates.  I saw him in a compression brace early in the week.  Earliest reports for recovery is that he’ll be out a year, but private conversations I had with orthopedic surgeons say, “don’t be surprised if he’s back on the courts doing light workouts in 6 months.” Athletes can recover quickly, and they’re good at following training and recovery therapy regimens.

He’ll be on crutches, off the leg, for 8-12 weeks.  Then he’ll be in a brace and in therapy for the rest of the time to build up muscles around the breakage.

How did this happen, Prof?  This is unusual, right?  Reports later say that he had stress fractures on his tibia. This injury is not common.

I’ll end with an orthopedic surgeon’s analysis on the AP –

Next week I’ll write about Valley Fever, unless we have more “Breaking Anatomy News,” pun intended 🙂



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    Since this was on my mind, I went to Wikipedia to see what Louisville’s Ware has been up to. He did return to the court during the 2013-14 basketball season, then decided to red-shirt, then “On April 12, 2014, Ware officially transferred to Georgia State University.” – Source: wikipedia – See Post 127 for more.

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