60 Minutes Spotlights Maxillofacial Surgery on Humanitarian Ship – with Links and Video

Several of my students brought this to my attention! Love it when they find medicine in the news.

This past Sunday, the CBS program 60 Minutes spotlighted a humanitarian ship that goes to Africa for months at a time to provide medical care. They do basic services as well as cataract surgery and other complex operations.

The program spent some time highlighting maxillofacial surgery on patients with benign tumor that makes their face swell to unusual shapes. These are tumors of the teeth – in the U.S., a dentist would remove it before it shows. But there, it’s understood to be a curse.

It just happens this week we’re going over these facial bones in Anatomy classes. So students, take a look and think what bones are involved?

60 Minutes also has profiles of how it’s like to live on the ship for most of your life.


Reference, with Video:



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