Monthly Archives: February 2013

60 Minutes Spotlights Maxillofacial Surgery on Humanitarian Ship – with Links and Video

Several of my students brought this to my attention! Love it when they find medicine in the news. This past Sunday, the CBS program 60 Minutes spotlighted a humanitarian ship that goes to Africa for months at a time to provide medical care. They do basic services as well as cataract surgery and other complex […]

Like a Music Conductor: Brain Coordinates Parts for Speech – with Links and Audiofile

Cool research was published in Nature this past week. Nature is one of those classic scientific journals that researchers like to read. It has a wide audience because it not only spotlights medicine, but also geology, zoology, ecology. This research may give clues to the complexity on how we form words and speak. A team […]

Wireless Pacemakers – with link and videos

This isn’t new news, but it’s not on the market yet. Scientists at the major pacemaker companies are working on a wireless pacemaker that they’ll just put in a vein and it’ll just drop into the right side of the heart. Most of you know that one of these pacemaker companies is responsible for me […]

Moebius Syndrome Girl Can’t Smile – with links

There are a lot of things I can write about this week: Pau Gasol’s torn plantar fascia (on the sole of the foot), Chris Paul’s bruised kneecap (patella!), and other injuries. Obviously I’m more of a basketball follower than a football one.  Instead I’ll focus on something more positive! Saw a promo for a Health […]