Gigantism Death Makes News This Week

We study gigantism in the endocrinology chapter. It’s a problem with growth hormone where the person doesn’t stop growing. You have gigantism if the epiphyseal plate has not been fused yet. If they were fused, the bone would grow outward and not up and you’ll have acromegaly.

Tanya Angus is a Las Vegas resident who at age 34 weighed over 400 pounds and stood over 7 feet tall. Her size put unusual pressure on her heart, and she died “due to her heart and TIA (transient ischemic attack or mini-stroke),” according to her website.

Find out more about her with the links below. Note there are some conflicts in the reporting between gigantism and acromegaly.

Who else do you know with gigantism or acromegaly? What did the wrestler Andre the Giant have?


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