Monthly Archives: September 2012

Woman Survives “Internal Decapitation” – with Links

The FOX TV station in Phoenix spotlights a driver who got into a car wreck where “her head was completely separated from the spine.” They’re calling it “internal decapitation.” So what happened and what is it?! Well we know the concept of whiplash, where if the body is hit, the head falls back and forth […]

Mom is the Source of your Energy

Okay, so this week my students learned cell biology in summary. I mentioned that all your mitochondria comes from your mom! Let’s go back a bit … you know it starts with the sperm and the egg. While the sperm has mitochondria, its mitochondria is located in the neck. During the fertilization process, the only thing […]

Highways inside the cell – with Video links and Animation!

This week, my students are learning about cellular components, and I briefly mentioned about the cytoskeleton not only provides structure for the cell, but also highways for transporting things around the cell. Fibers that make up the cytoskeleton are “alive.” They build up and break down. Think of highways that are always being built or […]

Oakland A’s pitcher hit by line drive, appears okay, then rushed to surgery – VIDEO link

My students have just finished learning about body cavities and how surgeons normally remove part of the skull to allow the brain to swell (as in Gabby Giffords case). Here’s sports news that also affect pressure in the cranial cavity! Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy was hit by a line drive off the bat of […]

Most Deadly Viruses – BioSafety Level 4

Last week I promised a look at the most deadly viruses after commenting on the Hantavirus outbreak. The latest news on that is a 3rd death and warnings that it might be a worldwide outbreak ( This week we’ll look at viruses considered most deadly, most infectious and have no cure. What researchers call “Biosafety […]