Fall 2012 Anatomy Classes – Books and Supplies!

It’s that time again – beginning of school. Excited, nervous students. Back to school supplies and $$$ Books.  I’ll let you check the prices, as they change all the time, but here are books either required or recommended for the classes I teach.  The books you need depend on where you have me and who/if I have assistant/lab instructors. Feel free to comment to help your classmates!


If your class is a Lecture-Lab Combo, check the bookstore – we use a custom textbook from Pearson (based on Marieb’s Anatomy textbook). Otherwise, read on, and click on the link to see the book:

Tortora & Nielson. Human Anatomy, 12th ed., 2012, Wiley

  • Loose-leaf, binder-ready volume, ISBN 978-1-118-43848-0
  • Bound textbook,  ISBN 978-047056705 = http://snipurl.com/tortoraanat
  • RealAnatomy DVD strongly recommended – see if you can get it bundled with the text

McKinley & O’Loughlin. Human Anatomy, 2nd ed., Wiley. = http://snipurl.com/mhheap2

Labs – remember to check who your lab instructor is, before you buy/rent!

  • Allen. Cat Dissection: A Laboratory Guide, 2nd ed., Wiley. ISBN 9780471701415 = http://snipurl.com/ahsmcat
  • Allen/Harper. Laboratory Manual for Human Anatomy, 1st edition = ISBN: 0470395109 / ISBN-13: 9780470395103 (my official ISBN); I also found ISBN: 0471465151/ ISBN-13: 978-0471465157 for the same thing (?!); ISBN 0-471-46515-1 too?
  • Allen/Harper, Laboratory Manual for Human Anatomy, 2nd edition, is also acceptable instead of the above = http://snipurl.com/ahlab2
  • Baker. Human Anatomy: Workbook & Study Guide, 2012. Not found online. Go to College Bookstore at Goldenwest St. just south of Edinger, next to Donut shop.
  • Cast. Human Anatomy Laboratory Workbook. Not found online.


  • Dissection Kits (2 per group)
  • 5 Scantron 882-E (for lecture, lab may require additional)
  • 5 Scantron 815-E (for lecture, lab may require additional)

Optional, but Helpful:


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